Planets in Astrology
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What is astrology? What are the planets in astrology and our Kundali ?

welcome to The idea behind planets in astrology  is that the positions and motions of celestial bodies like planets and stars. can have an impact on and offer insights into people’s personalities, behavior’s, and life’s uncertainly happenings.  Astrologers examine these charts to learn more about the personality, traits, and possible events in a person’s life.. .. Astrology is a very useful tool for self-awareness and guidance.



zodiac symbols and planets

  • sun planet

sun planet is the king of the planet,this is the ring of fire. so it also rules all other planets. There is a big role of sun in all our life. Its ruler raashi or zodiac sign is leo . 

  • moon planet

  The moon planet rules over the Kark Raashi (cancer zodiac sign) .it connected with one’s mind, emotions, sentiments, feelings.

Mars planet is the ruler over the Aries zodiac sign and Scorpio zodiac sign. this planet is very energetic and aggressive, and fiery planet. 

Mercury is the prince of the planet in astrology. it rules over Gemini and Virgo zodiac sign. it is connected with Communication, and intelligence.

  • Jupiter planet

Jupiter planet is very strongest planet in is also called “guru of devas” and brihaspati in astrology. It is the significance of happiness, wealth, and gold, good luck. Its ruling zodiac signs are Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac.

  • venus planet

Venus is a very luxurious planet. it gives us all kinds of luxuries like bedroom pleasure, vehicles, servants, and other luxuries in our lives. Its ruling zodiac signs are Taurus and Libra.

  • Saturn planet

The very important planet of justice. It is like a strict teacher but teaches us the good lessons of our life.

  • rahu and ketu planet

rahu and Ketu are not planets but entities that put the shadow on another planet for 18 months in one zodiac sign.  Rahu rule over the upper part of the body which is the head. Ketu rule over the lower body called the tail.


astrology and horoscopes

Uccha (Exalted) Planets and Neecha (Debilitated) Planets in Astrology

When a planet is in its exalted state, it is considered to be in its strongest position.

A debilitated planet is means to have less power and may not function at its best in the  person’s chart.

Remedies for debilated planets

  • Gemstone Remedies ,Wearing specific gemstones corresponding to the debilitated planet.
  • Reciting mantras associated with the debilitated planet.
  • Making  donations to connected things related to debilated planets.
  • Fasting on specific days related to the debilitated planet.
  • avoid drinking alcohal ,beer and eating non vegetarian food.
astrology and horoscopes

Rahu Transit in Pisces Zodiac on 30 October 2023.

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Rahu’s transit through the zodiac signs can have various effects on individuals based on their moon sign and the specific houses in their birth chart. Here’s a general overview of the effects of Rahu’s transit into Pisces for each zodiac sign, starting from October 30, 2023

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